ALTe Technologies develops and produces hybrid electric powertrain solutions for commercial fleet vehicles. The company is a C-Corp incorporated in the State of Delaware.
Industry Overview

Electrification of fleet vehicles has been underway for over 10 years. China and Korea have significantly ramped up efforts for hybrid electric and battery electric buses over the last 2 years driven by traffic congestion and air pollution concerns. Both countries have deployed battery EV buses but, due to practicality (lack of charging infrastructure & travel distances), are interested in adopting plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. U.S. industry demand is expected to increase as recently announced fuel economy and green-house gas reduction regulations for medium & heavy duty trucks are implemented.

Our Strategy

ALTe is focusing on vehicle segments in the U.S., China and Korea markets that have similar powertrain requirements, enabling the company to effectively deploy resources. Our approach is to provide customer driven and purpose built systems to customers which enables them to achieve a breakeven between operating cost savings and initial purchase costs.

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